XM Textiles organizes FR-training for managers and dealers in Shanghai's headquarter | XM Texti

XM Textiles, one of the fastest-growing companies in the area of flame retardant fabrics organizes a global training for its overseas managers and dealers.

The event is held in the main XM's office in Shanghai, where the headquarter of the company is based. The intensive 4-day training focused on studying last technological innnovations and marketing initiatives of XM textiles. Between them are new articles of light (220-250 gsm) fr-treated fabrics and broading assortment of inherent fr-fabrics Artex. Also, new additions and their meaning to safety standards, such as NFPA 2112:2013 and EN 20471:2013 are to be reported.


This is the first such experience in the company, but due to the growing demand of dealers and managers to know more about flame retardant technologies. Growing popularity of XM Fireline brand attracts more and more manufacturers of fr-garments to flame retardant fabrics produced by XM Textiles company. In order to provide better service to such customers, there was organized this global gathering.

The team of XM Textiles hopes to reveal all the knowledge and experience gained during this training on an exhibition in Poland, SAWO 2014, in April. There will be a big booth with all the protective and fr-fabrics XM Fireline, come to visit us!