XM Textiles team took part in the opening ceremony | XM Textiles

8th of March 2013, Karachi, Pakistan XM Textiles team together with Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Federal Advisor on Textile, Government of Pakistan took part in the opening ceremony of the 10th International Textile Asia 2013 Exhibition which is official event of the Federal Ministry of Textile Industry.


210 Exhibitors from 27 countries representing 310 international brands were participating in Textile Asia 2013. XM Textiles continues to expand sales of XM Fireline FR-fabric for work wear around the world. There were presented two new fire retardant fabrics from the collection XM Fireline Fiji 220gsm and Poseidon 300gsm. Fiji fabric is made of 100% cotton with twill 3/1 interweaving and it is very comfortable to wear, Poseidon fabric is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and is very durable FR-fabric that provides outstanding resistance to tearing, more than 30N. Both of fabrics are made for countries with hot climate. At the same time Fiji 220gsm and Posedon 300gsm provide reliable protection against flash fire and electric arc. Due to the antistatic yarn contained in fabrics these FR-fabrics take away the ignition source by preventing build up of static electricity and prevent any sparks. Fiji 220gsm and Poseidon 300gsm are an excellent choice for protective clothes of drilling technicians, oil industry workers, workers at the oil refinery plants in the hot climate.